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Episode 060: Return to Oz

HEY! This week we have a bittersweet announcement, as we put TOM on hold for a

Episode 059: Showgirls

Hey Darlin’ .. you got what it takes to be a star? You need icy nipples!

Episode 058: Rabies

This week we are joined by the lovely Katie Rots of the Rotten Rantings Podcast, and

Episode 057: Soul Boys of the Western World

Let me ask you something .. How much do you know about Spandau Ballet? If you

Episode 056: HUMP!

This week we take a break from reviewing one movie and we instead review 18 (short)

Episode 055: Legend of Billy Jean

Hey guys, you want to go down to the watering hole and take a swim with

Episode 054: My Own Private Idaho

Hope you’re ready to sit on a bullet and think of power! Or get flustered and

Episode 053: Jesus Christ Superstar

Happy Easter! Hey .. this Easter we decided to talk about a movie that is a

Episode 052: Over the Top

Meet me halfway across the sky. Because in this world, life only meets you halfway and

Episode 051: Paris is Burning

10 10 10 10 10 10‘s across tha’ board! Hello children, get ready because we are